Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Proud Nation

Native American casinos in Oklahoma are very different from the Native American casinos in Los Angeles, and even more different from the casinos in Las Vegas. Michael and I went with my parents for a little mid-morning gambling at the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino in Bartlesville. Unlike the campy/sleazy/over-the-top atmosphere of Vegas, this casino had a cold and determined all-business feel. I think I understand. It's as if the corporate mission statement is: "Well, this is what it's come to. So let's make the best of it." It was a beautiful building in a beautiful area of the rolling Osage Hills. But there was still that feeling of single-minded ruthlessness that made me feel slightly uncomfortable being there. And I'm Native American! I lost about $30, even on the Star Wars slots, which seems totally unfair considering how much money I've spent on Star Wars in my life. I always feel like I should get a little something back when I play those things.

In a moment of familial pride, I told my dad that I would take this next year in Asheville and learn the Cherokee language. My grandmother's language and the language of my heritage. So let's add "learn Cherokee" to my list of goals for the next year. Oy. Wait, that's Yiddish. So I'll do what I always do when I start one of my kooky projects...go buy a book. Maybe a year from now I'll be writing this blog in Cherokee, thus alienating the three people who are reading this thing. Ay dios mio! Wait, that's Spanish.

Thursday we're off to Tulsa for Mayfest. I will take more photos then. I've been giving my camera a rest the past couple of days because you can only terrorize your family with your camera for so long before they smack you.

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