Thursday, May 15, 2008

Equality for All

Today's instant methods of communication are amazing. There we were, in downtown Tulsa, enjoying the Mayfest street festival, when Michael got an email about the California Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Being the cynical one, I kept pestering him with questions, looking for clarification. It couldn't be true. Could it?

Michael's thumbs flew across the keyboard of his Palm Treo. It was true. But what about the anti-gay amendment to the constitution that's going to be on the next ballot? Yes, the opposition is going ahead with that. But in 30 days, gay and lesbian couples will be legally allowed to marry in California. The battle isn't over, of course, but for today, I'm proud to be a Californian. And although I am many, many miles away at the moment, and will be for some time, my heart is with those celebrating in the Golden State right now.

To learn more about the ruling and what you can do to help with the next steps toward protecting our newfound equality, please visit Equality for All.

Back on the road tomorrow. Tune in for our adventures in Branson!


Anonymous said...

I was shocked. Amazed. Aghast. In awe.

I mean... He's still using that damned Treo?!

Chance said...

Until some sort of chip can be implanted in his head, yes.