Friday, November 21, 2008

Official Drink of 2008

I know it's late in 2008, but with the holidays coming up and all the turmoil in the world, people are going to be drinking more than ever. Since moving to Asheville, I've been on the hunt for a drink to order when we're out or something easy to make for friends who come over. For some reason, my standard cosmo or lemon drop that I made and drank so frequently in California just didn't feel right in North Carolina. I tried various other concoctions and have gotten by the past few months ordering a simple Mandarin & 7-Up. Except at Jack of the Wood, who informed me they don't have any of that "fancy stuff."

As with most culinary and mixology delights we've discovered here, this one was introduced to us by a wonderful fellow named John Fisher. John is an extraordinary cook and the unofficial Mayor of the UNC-Asheville Farmer's Market. So, without further ado, I offer, for your consideration, my new favorite drink:

The Whiskey Sour

1/2 oz bourbon
1 1/2 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
1 tablespoon of cherry juice, plus one maraschino cherry for garnish

You can also use a sour mix instead of the lemon and simple syrup and garnish with an orange slice, instead of a cherry.

Enjoy! Hopefully, all our friends back in Los Angeles will order one the next time they're at a bar (or now, if they're currently at a bar) and think of us!


dmbonilla said...

I love whiskey sours.. but honestly since I moved out to CA I drink cosmo's! or apple martini's and when I was in Asheville in April, everyone was drinking hyptnotic and cranberry.. it was yummy..I never thought about drinking geographically but it seems true.

Im coming in town next week is there anything I can brink ya'll, besides the 85 degree weather today! let me know.. Im sure I will freeze in Asheville.

dmbonilla said...

Anything I can brink ya'll! Sorry for my typo!