Thursday, October 2, 2008

"I'm cold, and there are wolves after me."

I'm writing this from the safety and warmth of my bed. Apparently, while I was away, summer ended abruptly and fall began, bringing with it falling leaves and falling temperatures. I had forgotten that a cold snap could happen in, you know, a snap. In Los Angeles, summer lingers on and on, and you may not notice it's fall until you realize all your trees are bare.

There's always a heat wave in Los Angeles in October, followed by the dry Santa Ana winds, then an outbreak of fires everywhere. Then around Halloween, when it seems there's no relief in sight, it will rain for a few minutes, help the firefighters, and fall officially begins. Sort of. Until the big February heat wave.

Apparently, our house here in Asheville is heated by a big tank of oil buried in our front yard. Thankfully, oil is cheap and readily available. Wait, it's the opposite of that. So I might as well stay in bed until spring.

P.S. Happy birthday to Michael! And a belated happy birthday to his lovely sister Mallery! Yesterday was her birthday. I shall eat a whole chocolate layer cake in their honor. But I'm still not getting out of bed.

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Jeremy said...

Welcome back! This is my first winter with oil for heat, so if you learn any amazing insights about whom to buy oil from, let me know.